Smoking & Grilling

Arick has been perfecting the art of smoking turkeys, briskets and ribs since the day we met. Each one always tops the last, and it is always mouthwatering, tender, juicy and delicious.

We will be trying a new method for a local Brisket-Cook-Off this next weekend, and hope to even top what we have been told is the best brisket around! I will share that method and recipe here, once perfected.  I make our custom rub. No big secrets, and will share that here, too, as time allows or if it is requested.

We started our brisket cooking career on an Old Smokey in my back yard in the early 1990’s, and have been through a couple of nice, large smokers since then. We have friends who use the egg shaped smokers and love them, we also have friends who are certified grill masters who travel with smokers the size of full trailers that travel with sponsors in competitions. In our area, smoking and grilling meat are big business.

We will have our first custom-built smoker posted soon, until then, we wanted to share a few impressive units that are on the market that are great for those who want to create great smoked meat, but do not necessarily smoke often enough to need a smokehouse.

One of those units is the Pit Barrel Cooker. We are so impressed with the fact that the meat hangs in this smoker, allowing perfect distribution of smoke and heat, and for the juices to drip as the smoking process is taking place. These guys really thought this barrel through, and it is sure to get raves from your family and friends when they taste your ribs or brisket as they come out perfectly smoked and tender! I have attached our affiliate link, if you want to check it out:

We believe that everyone who enjoys outdoor cooking will want one of these Pit Barrels:


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Another FANTASTIC option comes from Kettle Pizza. They have kits that go in your regular barrel-type grill from Lowes or Walmart, that turn it into a smoker. Good smoked meat from your own grill using an adaptor kit. How cool is that? They have pizza kits, gas grill kits, charcoal grill kits and Smokenator kits.

If you want your smoked meat to be delicious, and are not yet ready to invest in a separate unit for smoking, this just may be your answer! Check them out through our affiliate link below, they are offering a 15% discount to our readers!:

One more option for today, is where to get quality spices, rubs, marinades and grill supplies if your local stores don’t carry a large variety.  We have even ordered directly from the smoked rib hub of the USA, Rendovous from Beale St. in Memphis over the years, and used everything that Sam’s Club and Walmart have to offer,  before coming up with our own recipe, but were very excited to find Grill Masters Club.

Grill Masters Club offers any and everything you might need for preparing your meat for smoking. They ship a variety box right to your door. This is the PERFECT way to get to try out new rubs and spices to decide what tempts your palette before deciding what to eventually put in your custom rub.

They have monthly subscription programs, you can cancel any time. Order one month, three months, it’s all up to you. This is the PERFECT gift for the grillmaster in your home! I can’t wait for our box to get here!

We have an affiliate link with them below, if you want to check them out:

I hope you enjoyed our first meat smoking post!-Terri