Handy Clamps by Rockler Hardware

I don’t believe you can ever have enough clamps. When you are working on a project and you want every detail to be precise, you clamp it, and you clamp it a lot. In my opinion, the screws are just there until the glue sets, that’s what really seals the project together permanently.

The Handy Clamps from Rockler Hardware, are just that, very handy! Easy to clamp on, easy to fit in awkward places, and easy to apply when you are working alone in your shop.

I have bought many, many things from Rockler Hardware over the years, hinges, fasteners, and of course clamps, and I have never been disappointed.

Their catalog makes pretty good bathroom reading material, too!

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Rockler Hardware, handy clamps, fasteners, tools Handy clamp Rockler Hardware

Rockler Hardware, handy clamps, fasteners, tools