Chicken Coops

Our coops range in size from the mini all the way up to our Super Coop.

Custom sizes are also available.

Here’s a quick peek at some of our past builds

Our Mini Coops are 4X4 with 4 nesting boxes and roost.

They will house 6-8 chickens comfortably and start at $499

Our Medium Coop includes 6 nesting boxes

1 matching door, 1 chicken door with ramp, roost boards

2 windows and architectural shingles

Custom Sizes are available for the Super Coop

Prices vary according to build and add ons

Curious about the building process and inner workings of the coops?

This is a Super Duper coop we built for Ray and Darlene Morrison. It is an extra foot wider and 2 foot longer than our Super Coop.

You can see the beginnings of the nesting boxes and the roosts in these pictures, as well as the frame for the coop, roof and run.